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Logo Update & Website

POp the top

Craft Beer Shop in South End



Pop the Top is a craft beer shop located here in Charlotte, NC. It’s ideally situated near the light rail in the trendy area of South End. The owners took the bold step of quitting their steady day jobs and following their dream of owning and running their own shop. It was inspiring to watch them go through the process of developing the concept, leasing the space, working with an architect to implement their plans, build up their inventory and finally launch.

The retail space is beautiful with massive floor to ceiling windows and an incredible selection of craft beers to share. If you are in the Charlotte area, you should stop by and say hi. They are very friendly and down-to-earth, and you’ll leave with a great brew that you’ve never tried before. Their goal is to highlight and share the best craft beers from North and South Carolina. They feature most of your local favorites, as well as a deeper specialty selection that you won’t easily find.

They approached us about creating a new website that would be mobile friendly and would showcase their store. It also needed to update with their regularly changing beer menu automatically. They already had an emblem logo that featured their beloved black labrador. We took the essence of that logo and created several updates as well as a broader logo family that could be adapted to many applications including their website, social media, merchandise, and signs.