Shuffle is a story about living hopefully with Parkinson’s disease. The title and cover design are based on a life example that Wendall Woodall describes in the book. One of the symptoms that he experiences is a tightening of various muscles. He started to experience this in his feet. Rather than abandon his daily routine of walking for exercise, he figured out a way to stretch his tightening muscle by placing one foot on the curb and forcing it to extend with each stride. He now walks with a shuffle.  He has chosen to move forward in his life by adjusting to his limitations rather than giving in to them. Since the book is being published both in print and as an e-book, we considered how the book cover would be seen as a thumbnail on an e-book store as well as how it might be seen on a bookshelf. This design was the clearest with simple imagery and a high contrast color scheme. It was a truly enjoyable collaboration with the author as well as the publisher, Highway 51 Publications.